Love Bugs

Well … thankfully they aren’t up here, but if you’re from Florida or have been “lucky enough” to visit during certain times of the year … the pest of the day (month and year) is the nefarious Love Bug.  This winged menace swarms twice a year, May and September, and they get their name by virtue (?) of the fact they are joined together.  You rarely see a single Love Bug.  They prefer the long grasses that border highways and long lonesome stretches of road and will absolutely plaster your car with a thick sheet of bug guts.

It gets worse.

If you don’t wash the bug remains from your car, some mysterious acid component of their bodies will actually eat away at the paint.  I’ve seen semi’s with their windows and grills so completely coated with love bugs that the original paint of the vehicle is a mystery.  Car washes will come out with “Love Bug” specials.  People will actively avoid driving certain stretches of road, or driving altogether if they can help it, until the swarms have passed.  They’re a right menace and a part of Florida that I really don’t miss!

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2 thoughts on “Love Bugs

  1. Could be … I just remember them covering the front of my car, windshield smeared with bug guts … bleah! Worse however was the time I rode my bike through a bunch of them … in my hair, clothes, ugh!


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