All in a day’s work …

Working from home has it’s own unique set of challenges.  The refrigerator calls, I know there are Oreo cookies in the cookie jar, and the deck bathed in sunshine … but dutifully, I am glued to my office chair, two computers heating up the space around me.   The radio drones in the background and through the open window I can hear birds chirping, the occasional passing car, and every now and then the sounds of children playing.

To quote the title one of my favorite author’s (Caroline Knapp) book – I would make a “merry recluse”.  Not only does solitude not frighten me, I embrace it.  It’s my reward for having gone out into the world which is filled with all that stimuli.  All those people, conversations, phones ringing, emails flying, it can be exhausting if you’re a particular kind of person.  Some people thrive on all those extrovert buttons, but I’m not one of them.  Stress, for me, is having to go out.

This is not a fear of the outside, or agoraphobia, it’s not really a “fear” at all.  It’s just a preference, my happy place.  So, I may be dealing with this “social distancing” with a bit more enthusiasm than others.  It’s license to decline invitations and a pass to hole up.

Still, I must go out for food and other supplies … and, masked, I do.  And maybe by the time all this is over, I’ll have had my fill of hermit-hood, at least for a little while.

Stay safe everyone.

2 thoughts on “All in a day’s work …

  1. You know I’ll always comment. I’m still somewhat bewildered to learn this aspect of you when I thought I knew you at least fairly well as most of my other friends, let alone the ones I really feel close to. You always came across to me as a person who was greatly experimental–always willing to try anything, to travel, grabbing whatever by both hands. Now you sound perhaps even more introverted than I am. Is is safe to assume you’re not comfortable in crowds, that you’d prefer a good book to a party with lots of strangers, that you hate meetings, that you’d rather be alone under most circumstances? Do you think your line of work is compatible with this aspect of yourself? IMWTK


    • Thank you so much for the comment! I really appreciate any kind of feedback or observation. As weird or impossible as it may seem, I feel a bit of both worlds … experimental and up for an adventure while at the same time easily overwhelmed by a high stimulation environment. I tend to “grab things in both hands” in bursts, resting (alone!) in-between. Maybe this prolonged seclusion will bring out more of the outgoing me?! My work, while normally in an office, is fairly solitary as we work on our own separate projects. The human interaction is balanced with the focus of my project. I do tend to avoid after hours work get-togethers, not a fan of small talk. Take care and stay safe! (sorry for the double tap … I commented instead of replying to your comment! Ooops)


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