Status of things, and a goal …


The diet … the intermittent fasting … hmmm.  Well, I suppose it’s been something on the successful side of things.  I have lost a few pounds, but just a few – as in 4ish, depending on what time of day I step on the scales.  In the spirit of full disclosure, I have been a little lax with the rules on some days, also not counting calories, nor exercising.  Losing weight isn’t my goal as much as getting back into shape and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  Perhaps it’s time to reset and start again.

Crypto-currency market … here, unfortunately, I have recorded significant losses.  Not inches around the waist, but dollar signs of my investment.  The day after I plunged in, someone pulled the plug and Bitcoin tanked.  I’m playing the long game … it’s what I tell myself when I compare the $’s I started with compared to the $’s I have left.  It may be a really long game.

Rut or Groove?  Wasn’t that where this story started?  I was in a funk, a rut, the winter doldrums … searching for my mojo and that other ski glove.  Good news!  I found the ski glove but still missing the mojo.  I’d hoped with the coming of spring (finally!) my mood would perk up … my motivation would return.  There are some faint signs of life – somedays I do come home from work and DON’T head straight for the sofa and a nap.  On the weekends I’ve been known to go for a bike ride … but it all feels kind of forced.  Like I’m trying to talk myself into something.  Like that old saying “Fake it ’till you make it” except I’m tired of faking it.  It’s time to shake things up.  Time to figure out what floats my boat, what stirs my curiosity, to sift through those old memories like a gold miner panning for those shiny dreams.

2 thoughts on “Status of things, and a goal …

  1. Yeah, sounds to me like you’re entering the zone . . . the aging zone. Bulletin for you: it becomes more enveloping. I too am familiar with the moods you describe. My dad used to say about his aging body, “nothing works like it used to.” Exactly. Of course, I’ve got a number of years on you, dear, but there isn’t any guidebook for this process . . . and it will just continue. Everything’s variable, especially moods. Guess what? I’m about to enter a serious diet effort myself. Goal is 50 lbs. Juice only. I estimate it will take 30-45 days, but like you, it cannot possibly be rigidly followed. I have too many unavoidable social eats that I have to make. Hang in.


  2. Thanks for the comment! Yes, that’s just what it feels like … the aging zone. Who was it that said, “Aging is not for the faint of heart”? Isn’t it the truth! Good luck with the juice diet!


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