Memory Lane

I’m sitting here listening to “The Partridge Family Greatest Hits”.  A real blast from the past.  I got so silly with nostalgia, I went and ordered the complete series on DVD.  You know, there are some real dialogue gems in those episodes, especially between Danny and … well, anyone, but especially Ruben, the manager.  Sure the episodes are cotton candy when compared to sitcoms today, but that’s part of their charm.  They are simple but not simplistic … sweet but not sugary.  And the music!  How refreshing to be able to understand what’s being sung!  And the tunes are catchy as well.  I think David Cassidy was the only one doing any real singing, the other actors were dubbed – and how many kids the age of the youngest boy can realistically play the drums?  Plus, I have trouble believing Danny could manage a regular size bass guitar.  Still … with all the obvious flaws and dreadful 70’s fashions, it’s a show that never gets old, not for me anyway.  It may not burn any calories, but taking a stroll down that memory lane sure burns away the blues.

Come on, get happy!


3 thoughts on “Memory Lane

  1. I never saw one episode of The Partridge Family. Not one. And I don’t think I led a deprived life. Get happy, you counsel. Oh, that it were a matter of will. Since it’s not, I assume we can assume that there are myriad reasons for people not just being tickled to death all the time.


    • I wasn’t being flip when I wrote “Come on, get happy” … those are simply lyrics from their theme song. Happiness is an individual thing and as someone who suffers from periodic bouts of depression, I appreciate the times of normalcy even more. I was simply enjoying a childhood memory on a Friday afternoon. Mine just happened to have involved “The Partridge Family”


      • I hear you about depression. I have been on Prozac for years. Wasnt just busting your chops. What do I know about the Partridge family? Glad you’re as bke to embrace some optimism amidstvthis madness. I truly believe we’re in for..Lot worse. And I can no longer add “before it gets better.”


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